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From John Casey <>
Subject Re: Maven 2.1.0 Plans (a proposal of sorts)
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2009 05:58:44 GMT

Brett Porter wrote:
> On 18/02/2009, at 7:23 AM, John Casey wrote:
> It will take less effort for me to just keep working on issues until 
> they are done, so that's what I'll do. So, agreed, next version is 
> 2.1.0, standard RC cycle applies.

I'm fine whittling away some of what's left out there. I don't think it 
all has to happen in 2.1.0. IMO, we should take care of the four 
top-voted issues if we can - and if we can be relatively sure we're not 
angering the gods with our hubris - then do the rest in 2.1.1.

>> The fourth top issue seems on the face of it to be based on a common 
>> misunderstanding about how profiles are triggered and 
>> applied...probably more of a documentation/education task than 
>> anything else.
> I'm not sure which one you are referring to.

If you look at the 2.1.0 version bucket, enable the display of vote 
counts, and sort on that column, you'll see one pop out related to 
profiles in the parent not being applied to the child. I'm guessing it's 
just some explaining we need to do around that in terms of 
doco/education, and we're done.

>> Beyond that, I'm alright releasing 2.1.0 final provided we can be sure 
>> that the wagon version we're using is stable. I seem to remember an 
>> issue coming up shortly after the release of 2.1.0-M1 related to one 
>> of the new Wagon implementations - WebDAV, maybe? I'm having some 
>> trouble remembering/finding that issue in my gmail, but we need to 
>> make sure that doesn't get left out of this release. If it means 
>> rolling back to an older wagon version, then let's do that.
> It's a regression in the SSH wagon, which I've not been able to 
> reproduce and I never saw an issue filed for. We can wait and see what 
> happens in the RC cycle.

Do you happen to have a Nabble link for that thread? I'll keep 
searching, but it'd be really nice to push that to resolution, as it's 
probably the biggest wart on 2.1.0-M1.


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