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From John Casey <>
Subject Maven 2.1.0 Plans (a proposal of sorts)
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2009 16:36:17 GMT
Hi everyone,

I wanted to step back from the current Maven 2.1.0-M* release plan for a 
second and reassess our progress on the issues we were planning as the 
centerpiece for each release.

I've been trying to match up the milestone issues found on with the 
actual progress in JIRA, and what I'm finding is quite interesting.

First and foremost, if you ignore the milestone headings and take a look 
at the overall progress on issues listed on that page, we've actually 
knocked out most of the major issues (that don't still have significant 
design work left to be done). If you look at the remaining issues, they 
are in a couple of different states:

1. Implemented but not adequately tested, or else in need of a soak 
period (parallel downloads, doxia).

2. Implemented in a first pass, but without a clear consensus that the 
design is complete (PGP and Auto-Parent versioning, though I can't find 
this one at the moment). In the case of Auto-Parent versioning, I 
thought I remembered that this one had some additional issues with 
current use cases, but I may not be up to date on that conversation.

In light of the above, along with the good stability we've seen in the 
first milestone release, I'd *much* prefer pushing toward a release of 
2.1.0-final. We've seen several cases where people are prevented from 
using the 2.1.0-M1 release simply because of the "M1" at the end of the 
version...which ignores its reliability completely.

If we can take care of a few tasks like fixing/downgrading/whatever the 
wagon version, and cleaning up some of the low-hanging fruit currently 
in the 2.1.0-M3 bucket like improving logging...then I think we're clear 
to release 2.1.0 final.

At that point, we can make plans for a relatively fast release of 2.1.1 
for the higher-risk issues that are sitting in the 2.1.0-M* buckets 
now...possibly parallel artifact downloads if we can ever get test 
coverage for that.

Looking over the release plan and the progress on JIRA, I guess I'd 
really prefer to go in this direction, unless anyone has serious 



John Casey
Developer and PMC Member, Apache Maven (
Member, Apache Software Foundation

"What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing."

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