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From "Brian E. Fox" <>
Subject RE: Maven 2.1.0 Plans (a proposal of sorts)
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2009 17:15:54 GMT
I thought the parallel download was already in there? I reached out to
Don several times about tests and never heard back which is unfortunate.
In my testing it did seem to work fine and was faster even with a repo
manager in place. If it's not already in there and we have no tests,
then I guess we bump it unless someone wants to make some tests?

We probably need to run through the security work a few times as well,
this has been on my plate I just haven't had time yet. 

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From: John Casey [] 
Sent: Friday, February 06, 2009 12:12 PM
To: Maven Developers List
Subject: Re: Maven 2.1.0 Plans (a proposal of sorts)

Benjamin Bentmann wrote:
> John Casey wrote:
>> At that point, we can make plans for a relatively fast release of 
>> 2.1.1 for the higher-risk issues that are sitting in the 2.1.0-M* 
>> buckets now...possibly parallel artifact downloads if we can ever get

>> test coverage for that.
> IMHO the introduction of the parallel artifact download is a
> change that is beyond bugfixing maintenance but a new feature and as 
> such warrants a minor version increment, i.e. 2.2. As a user, I
> mere micro version increments when there is presumably "higher-risk".

Couldn't agree more. In the case of parallel artifact resolution, I'm 
unwilling to move on it at all until we can get a really solid test 
suite written for it, and TBH I'd much prefer involving Don in that 
effort, since he wrote the code and will have thought about the problem 
(including, perhaps, some failed initial attempts) much more than the 
rest of us. IMO, this would inform his testing, and give us a better 
chance of releasing without bugs.

I'm +1 for moving parallel resolution to 2.2, definitely.


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