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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Notes from Build Tools BOF at ApacheCon US 2008
Date Sat, 08 Nov 2008 03:54:32 GMT
Thanks Wendy for organising and taking more thorough notes :)

I've observed a few interesting things here. It feels like people are  
"happier" with Maven than previously. Rather than frustration, there  
have been more questions and enthusiasm. It seems as though the  
fundamentals have sunk in to a greater depth among many. As usual,  
everyone is talking about it as it affects so many projects.

POM changes and non-alpha plugin releases seemed the biggest requests.

There's still a lot of confusion and skepticism about things related  
to 3.0, such as:
- how does work on 2.[0|1].x get migrated over there given the code is  
becoming so different
- what work is actually happening on it, is there a roadmap
- is it every going to be released. Not so much questions of when, but  
what was needed first. There's certainly a feeling of "Maven 2.0 all  
over again".

I heard on several occasions from people wanting to contribute and not  
really knowing where we needed help.

Overall, it's been a good week I think, and it was great meeting Brian  
for the first time as well as catching up with a few others I haven't  
seen for up to 12 months :)


On 07/11/2008, at 2:38 PM, Wendy Smoak wrote:

> We had a Build Tools and Repository Managers BOF earlier this week at
> ApacheCon... while I left the topic general, it pretty  much turned
> into the Maven BOF. :)  Following are brief notes about the topics
> that came up.  Please fill in if I missed something or ask for more
> details, more than likely someone else's notes or memory can come up
> with the missing info.
> Parent versioning - removing the requirement to specify a version for
> the parent.
> Release plugin builds twice (once before the tag, then once on a clean
> checkout of the tag)
> - Release plugin should be more flexible
> - Have a simpler release plugin with a lifecycle and use enforcer
> rules for the checks
> Building a site
> - unit tests run multiple times
> - how can you generate PHP pages?
> Organizing dependencies in the POM
> - ability to group dependencies to avoid repeating <groupId> and  
> <version>
> - would require handling different model versions
> - central repo is stuck at model version 4.0.0
> - different pom styles, ability to plug in different readers for
> YAML, attribute-based poms, etc.
> SCM repository url not working for git repositories
> Not having to install into local repo when building multimodule  
> project
> Need to install jars that are not in central
> - check in jars and provide a script or bind executions of
> install:install-file in the pom
> Skipping tests?
> - put the ones you often want to skip in a profile, and run them on
> the CI server
> Exclusions
> - no global exclusions
> - use Enforcer to ban dependencies, but still have to add the
> exclusion everywhere
> Mercury
> - separate artifact resolution and transport from Maven itself
> - may be reused by other projects
> Include plugins in the distribution?
> - possibly have an optional distribution containing the plugins
> locked in the super pom
> - use of a repository manager alleviates much of the pain (all
> coworkers downloading the same thing)
> Settings
> - mirrors that fall back
> - password encryption
> - mirrors inside a profile
> Unit tests run slower in Maven than in Ant
> Surefire fills up /tmp with directories
> Repository cleanup
> - fixing bad metadata
> - Mercury has validators
> Maven Conversions
> - 80% works fine, next 10% involves some pain, and the final 10% is
> sometimes too much effort and never happens.  (Groovy as an example,
> it needs multiple passes for compilation.)
> Thanks,
> -- 
> Wendy
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Brett Porter

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