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From Oleg Gusakov <>
Subject Re: Mercury status and roadmap
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2008 19:33:53 GMT

Brett Porter wrote:
> A few quick ones...
> On 11/11/2008, at 7:27 AM, Oleg Gusakov wrote:
>> ** code quality range per repository is introduced
> Nice. Does this mean staging vs release, or is it keeping alpha/beta 
> or QA/test separate from final release?
Anything. Mercury is a library, not an application
>> * POM interpretation for these repositories defaults to maven-mercury 
>> component in a branch of maven-3.0-SN that in turn uses 
>> ProjectBuilder to do it
> Has there been any work to write this out to a new format that is 
> already resolved to site alongside the original pom artifact?
Again - it has nothing to do with Mercury; Mercury will accept anything 
that's thrown into it by ProjectBuilder
>> 1. prove the correctness of the new resolver by running it side by 
>> side with current resolver and comparing results
> It seems you've already done the same, but I wrote a tool several 
> months ago to help with that if you need it: 
> I already ran it against central once and had some interesting results.
Nice, thanks
>> 2. switch several plugins to use mercury for resolution
>> 2.1 dependency plugin
>> ?? .. open for suggestions
> I commented in the JIRA, but I think this should only live on a branch 
> until Mercury is final. It can be a good way to test Mercury, but 
> shouldn't get into a release. We have this bad cultural habit of 
> getting stuck in alphas otherwise :)
This has already been commented by Brian F.
>> This week I am working on the comparison code - [1.] and will publish 
>> results as I get them. I will also tackle 2.1 as it closely relates 
>> to this work.
> Let me know if you need a hand with this.

I will.


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