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From Christian Schulte>
Subject Re: Default plugin execution id
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2008 01:00:14 GMT
Stephen Connolly wrote:
> The execution id refers only to a specific plugin, and each execution can
> only match a specific phase... so I don't see the need to tie the execution
> to a goal name, neither to the plugin name...
> What I see as bind important is if the plugin is bound to multiple phases
> and you want to configure the different phases differently...
> At that point I think you're left with "breaking" the id as an id.... and
> you'd end up using a wild-card type matching, e.g.
> <id>lifecycle:jar:*</id>
> or
> <id>lifecycle:*:compile</id>
> or
> <id>lifecycle:*:*</id>
> All of which are useful, and do not require a schema change, and are rather
> unlikely to interfere with existing builds... but it feels ugly to me... and
> yet I'm proposing it! ;-)

There must not necessarily be a lifecycle in use at all. How would this
execution id match standalone executions ? E.g.

mvn eclipse:eclipse
mvn netbeans-freeform:generate-netbeans-project

Consider a plugin with multiple such standalone goals for which a user
needs to provide configurations per goal. Neither the lifecycle nor the
packaging plays any role here, I think. E.g.

mvn ide:eclipse
mvn ide:netbeans-freeform

<id>none:*:none</id> ?


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