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From Andreas Höhmann <>
Subject Use code from resource-plugin in other plugins (e.g. eclipse-plugin)
Date Sun, 23 Nov 2008 20:33:00 GMT
Hello Folks,

how can i use the code from the maven-filtering (used in resource-plugin to handle resource-filtering
etc.) in the eclipse-plugin?

I try to fix the bug (export multiple maven-resource
into eclipse-buildpath).

At the moment i have hacked some code lines to handle multiple resources but ... wait a second
... i guess this resource-handling-code already exists ... is this right? So why not use this
code ☺ But i dont know if this is the right direction?

What i need is a list of „final“ resources (duplicates removed, conflicts handled etc.)
... so that i can map this resources easily to the eclipse-buildpath-entry (includes, excludes

I do not want to code the logic to handle resource-filtering etc. again!

Has anyone an idea to do this?


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