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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: new plugin proposal: maven-setup-plugin
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2008 18:56:31 GMT
This sounds useful to try.

There are two things I'd do if you're building this:
- be cautious about letting it get too complicated (trying to be  
everything to everyone)
- break the parts out into components that can be reused (eg, IDE  
integration). These could perhaps be brought back into Maven at some  
point if we need settings file management beyond what is already there.


On 09/11/2008, at 9:52 AM, Robert Scholte wrote:

> When introducing Maven during some projects, I see the same problem  
> every time.
> They've heard of Maven, but find it a bit too difficult to start with.
> So I've been thinking of creating an maven-setup-plugin.
> It should be able write a settings.xml file (although: I'm not able  
> to access userSettingsFile or globalSettingsFile of the  
> DefaultMavenSettingsBuilder or any plexusproperties, where these  
> files are defined)
> You can use the Prompter to ask some questions.
> You could create some templates to prefill your settings.xml, i.e.  
> the required Nexus-config for your company.
> If you can detect if 'mvn' is running for the first time, you could  
> ask for setting up maven.
> There are several ways to access such file:
> - Add a /conf/setup.xml file to your maven-package before  
> distributing it within your company.
> - Publish a setup-file. You can prompt for it, or run 'mvn setup - 
> Dfile=http://somedomain/setup.xml'
> Using maven shouldn't be more than unpacking the distribution,  
> setting M2_HOME and path-variable.
> Everything afterwards should be possible by maven-commands self.
> This way it would be much easier to introduce Maven in any company.
> Just let me know if you like the idea.
> Kind regards,
> Robert Scholte
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Brett Porter

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