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From Mauro Talevi <>
Subject Re: Encoding issues with images using dependency and resource plugins?
Date Sat, 30 Aug 2008 18:51:39 GMT
Benjamin Bentmann wrote:

> Do you filter the images? AFAIK, the Resources Plugin should not alter a 
> file's contents during copying unless <filtering> is enabled on the 
> <resource> set.

Yep - that is indeed the case, I do filter and that is most likely the 
root of the issue.

> If you filter your web stuff, you will need to exclude the images (and 
> any other files with binary content) from the filtering. I.e. define two 
> mutually exclusive <resource> sets, one for the text files to be 
> filtered and one for the binary stuff to be just copied over unaltered.

Will do.  Thanks for the heads up.

> Ant's <copy> task also has a warning about filtering binary data [0].

And infact, I was not filtering when I copied with ant because they were 
just images.

> ZipUnarchiver.setEncoding() only controls the encoding for file names as 
> given by zip entries [1,2], not the encoding of the compressed file 
> contents [3]. So unless you experience corrupt file names, that 
> shouldn't be the cause of your problem.

Ok - understood, but shouldn't the copying done via the unarchiver in 
the dependency plugin be able to set the encoding like the resource plugin?


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