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From Mauro Talevi <>
Subject Re: [PLEASE TEST] Maven 2.0.10-RC6
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2008 17:07:42 GMT
John Casey wrote:
> Hi Daniel, Mauro,
> In either of these cases, can anyone give me some specific steps (and 
> the project SVN URL, if possible) to reproduce the problem? I tried 
> running 'mvn clean source:jar' last night on maven-project and 
> maven-model, but apparently that's too simplistic to reproduce the 
> problem...all of the sources were present.
> I'd like to open another JIRA for this, but I need more to go on before 
> I can come up with a description for the ticket that makes any real sense.

A simple project you can use to reproduce is:

svn co xsite
cd xsite
mvn clean install -Preporting
open xsite-core/target/site/cobertura/index.html

and click on any class link to view src.


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