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From "Paul Benedict" <>
Subject Some Maven Musings on Versioning
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2008 23:51:39 GMT
I just want to throw out some thoughts on versioning.

1) I noticed that the transformation of 2.0.10 -> 2.1 has not (yet)
also brought the renaming of SVN tags. I think this is an eventual
must-do so the future 2.0.10 -- the one designed for critical bug
fixes -- can go forward.

2) There was agreement back in the 2.0.9 release that commits being
applied to both branches and trunk would receive all relevant Fixed
Version numbers in their respective tickets. Please notice that not
many 2.0.10 issues are also marked as 3.0 and 2.1. They really should
be so the whole community can determine which issues are exclusively
for a point release, and which are gracious backports. I don't seem to
have that privilege in JIRA, but I would help if it were given to me,
assuming no one else who is currently able wants to manage those

3) The forever lingering 3.0-alpha-1 release (was 2.1-alpha-1) is need
of a release for the sake of moving on. There will never be enough
blockers solved for an alpha release to be prepared for consumption.
It's why it's called an alpha release :-) It's going to work, but not
work well enough. My recommendation is to determine which remaining
issues make the product totally unusable, fix those, and get the first
alpha out the door. The remaining issues can be slated for a very
short 3.0-alpha-2, which would push back the next list to 3.0-alpha-3.


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