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From Oleg Gusakov <>
Subject Re: version LATEST merge with RELEASE
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2008 00:26:27 GMT

Michael McCallum wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Aug 2008 10:47:04 Oleg Gusakov wrote:
> I'm confused... you are distriguishing between local and remote repositories 
> when you've just abstracted the concept into a virtual reader... why?
This is more implementation details, for user it's hidden by virtual 
reader. This reader, actually, hides all the repositories from the user 
- it implements (WIP) repository lookup policies and returns back th 
results. I tried to go deeper in this posting and describe what the code 
is doing.
> Why would you scan directories rather than read the metadata is that to 
> support other tools that just dump jars?
Exactly - I saw a lot of people just dumping a jar - without pom or any 
metadata into local repository and expecting it to be found.

I think it's reasonable expectation, so I scan instead of using 
metadata. For remote repo's I don't have that option, so those better be 
consistent :)

Plus metadata is kinda inconsistent - see

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