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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Java version for 2.1 branch
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2008 07:16:32 GMT

De Smet Ringo wrote:
>> Is there any reason that the 2.1 branch cannot require java 
>> 1.5 to compile and execute?
> I am not a developer on Maven, so my vote would not count anyway. I am
> an independent IT consultant and want to offer some background
> information why this would be a "bad" decision. 
> During my work for the last 3 customers (past 1,5 year), only one of
> them had support for both Java 1.4 and 1.5. The other two were still
> locked on Java 1.4. In one of these companies, the developers even had
> to "fight" to get Java 1.5 installed on their developer machines to have
> a more decent Java VM to run Eclipse more fluently. Their official build
> system however is only running on Java 1.4. This was mainly due to the
> fact that they were still running on Weblogic 8.0 which is not supported
> on Java 1.5. So even with the option of the compiler target flag, some
> companies refuse to accept this and they really want to have Maven
> running on Java 1.4, and compiling with exactly the same JDK that their
> production environment is using.
> In short: you would be surprised how much companies are still on Java
> 1.4! Please give this some more thought!
> Tnx,
> Ringo
Ringo, I'm not on the PMC so my vote doesn't "count" either. But, as a 
committer on several Apache projects in addition to Maven I can tell you 
it is getting harder and harder to support versions prior to Java 5. 
Many open source projects were updated to require Java 5 quite some time 
ago, and as they do it means that any project that has dependencies on 
these projects can't upgrade their version. 

Now, the proposal here is for Maven 2.1.x.  Maven 2.0.x will continue on 
with Java 1.4 being the minimum version supported, so anyone who 
requires that can continue to use it. 

I think it is unreasonable to expect Maven to not upgrade the minimum 
system requirements from time to time as new versions are released. In 
particular, Java 5 provided many improvements that Maven should take 
advantage of.  In fact, I brought this up simply because to implement 
the fix for the Jira issue I am working on meant either adding a new 
dependency or using a package that was added in Java 5.


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