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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Mercury Version Ranges
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2008 05:22:10 GMT

Oleg Gusakov wrote:
> Ralph Goers wrote:
>> Oleg Gusakov wrote:
>>> What do you think about snapshots in ranges? Or - better - 
>>> prohibiting snapshot in ranges.
>> I don't know. In a dev environment you might want the "latest", 
>> whatever that is.
> For me there is a code quality boundary between release and snapshot, 
> and I'd rather ask user to specify which one should be used.
> For instance: how should I treat the following:
> a->b
> a->c
> b->d-5-snapshot
> c->d-4
> What should be selected in this case : d-4 or d-5-snapshot (suppose - 
> nothing else in repo's)? Currently - d-5-snapshot will be selected, 
> but should this behavior be configurable?
If I am using Nexus I'd have a separate snapshot repository. For a dev 
build snapshots might be included while for a production build they 
would not. This might be exactly the desired behavior. Controlling it 
through repository management makes more sense to me than trying to have 
a versioning scheme that tries to solve the worlds problems. 

But see my other reply. d-5-snapshot should be excluded if it doesn't 
declare that it provides what a,b & c need. 

The other option, which you didn't even mention, is that the build 
should fail. If what b requires is what d-5 provides but d-5 isn't 
compatible with d-4 then this build should fail.


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