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From Michael McCallum <>
Subject Re: Mercury Version Ranges
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2008 05:12:27 GMT
On Wed, 13 Aug 2008 16:58:37 Oleg Gusakov wrote:

> >> 2). I strongly feel that failing any explicit ranges, containing
> >> snapshots is a good thing. For instance, dependency declaration
> >> 1.2-SNAPSHOT is a range by definition, so I'd rather fail anything like
> >> [1.2-SNAPSHOT,2.0) or [1.0,1.2-SNAPSHOT)
> >
> > if you don't allow 1.2-SNAPSHOT how do you actually include them
> > lets assume that 1-SNAPSHOT < 1-alpha < 1-beta < 1 < 1.1 < 1.1.1
> > and i say [1,2) then -SNAPSHOT, alpha and beta will not match
> alpha and beta will match, sn will not, because proposal is to treat
> them differently. alpha and beta are real releases, while sn is still wip.

agreed they are real releases but how am i supposed to do automated 
integration testing trunk to trunk if I can't build a snapshot and push into 
a local repository and match it?... i would have to actually release the 
project in order to see if it breaks other things, and if it does its counter 
productive because i just broke everybody else

whether or not i end up with snapshots should not be governed by the 
resolution mechanism but instead by what repositories i provide to it... if I 
don't want snapshots then there should be no snapshot repositories in the 
list to resolve from... and perhaps some form of enforcement...

for example i use the enforcer plugin to make sure that no snapshots get into 
a project that is being released... i expect developers to use 
dependency:tree and dependency:resolve to know/check themselves first just in 
case enforce it with a tool

Michael McCallum
Enterprise Engineer

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