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From "Vincent Siveton" <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r674134 - in /maven/plugins/trunk/maven-site-plugin/src/main/resources:
Date Sat, 05 Jul 2008 13:01:21 GMT
Hi Dennis,

2008/7/5, Dennis Lundberg <>:
> I never really closed out the discussion we had earlier, regarding how to
> encode properties files. Now we have an example of a change of encoding of
> properties, so I want to take the opportunity to finish that discussion.
> Hopefully we can reach consensus this time :-) When we do I'll put into our
> code conventions docs.

+1 to create a Properties convention part.
Also, specify how to format key/value, ie having a consensus between
[1] or [2] layout.

>  What is the benefit of the change you made here Vincent?

Mainly for consistency reasons with other resources bundles.
Also, it is a no cost issue since it is done by development tools.

>  I proof read the Swedish translation (one of the files changed here) that
> was submitted earlier, before I committed it. When I look at the file now,
> it is totally unreadable for a human. That's because the accented character,
> found in ISO-8859-1 but not in ASCII, are now represented by unicode. How
> can I proof read such a document if it was submitted in unicode? Therefor I
> see more pain than gain from this type of change.

I understand your requirement about readability but modern IDEs
provide a way to convert native to ascii transparently.
In Eclipse world, you could use PropertiesEditor Plugin [3] (Take care
to change the default encoding to UTF-8, ie select Window >
Preferences and open up the configuration for PropertiesEditor)
In IDEA, you could select "transparent native-to-ascii conversion"
parameter in File > Settings and open up the General item.
Finally, some independent tools could help you [4] and [5].

So, I am in favour to use unicode to all resources bundles. What others think?






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