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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: Donation of Maven plugins to the Maven Project.
Date Fri, 09 May 2008 05:06:23 GMT

On 8-May-08, at 9:23 PM, James William Dumay wrote:

> Brett,
>> So this is resource based, instead of artifact based? If so, I think
>> it makes sense as an addition to the wagon project.
> That's correct and I agree that it would make a good addition to  
> Wagon.
>> How does this differ from the remote-resources plugin? Could it be
>> combined with that?
> Remote resources plugin simply bundles resources together as a  
> different
> artifact to allow other builds to depend on the same set of resources.

It's grabs the transitive set of projects and takes the organization  
name out. Adding something like:

handleProject( MavenProject ) { do whatever you like; }

To generalize it would be nice instead of duplicating the logic in  
another plugin.

> The licenses plugin on the other hand uses the license information
> specified in the pom to find, list, download and deploy licenses.
> The deploy goal is something that needs a little more thought. At the
> moment it allows you to download licenses found in a POM and deploy  
> them
> as a classified "license" artifact to a specified repository for
> archiving.
> So I would say they are different enough not to warrant merging.
>> I would suggest as a starting point you can put them in the Maven
>> sandbox (or branch the remote resources plugin there and  
>> incorporate),
>> if there is support for it here, since all Apache committers have
>> access there.
> Awesome, Ill prepare and put both of these plugins into sandbox now.

Ah, hold on there. 1) Since when did accepting new bodies of code be  
decided between two people. For one I disagree it's appropriate to  
even bring them here, and 2) new bodies of code need to go through the  
incubator which is why I suggested Mojo which gives the default search  
behavior (which is a good thing) and generally less cumbersome.

> Thanks
> James
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Jason van Zyl
Founder,  Apache Maven
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