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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject Re: POM Element for Source File Encoding
Date Thu, 01 May 2008 10:28:18 GMT
Benjamin Bentmann wrote:
> Brian E. Fox wrote:
>> Is a warning really needed? Perhaps just an INFO that says "using 
>> platform
>> default encoding: [value]". Again going under the theory that someone 
>> that
>> needs to worry about the encoding will be looking for it, shoving a
>> warning in everyone's face that doesn't care isn't a great choice.
> OK, if we wanted, we could just start another poll for this, seems to have
> enough controversial spirit ;-)
> This idea with the warning was also proposed by two or three users on the
> list, especially Hervé put it nicely [0]. I took this happily up because I
> (still) believe that having builds out there which implicitly rely on the
> platform encoding and as such just break with the ideals of
> platform-independence and build reproducibility is nothing that should be
> promoted, not in general and in particular not by Maven. And I consider
> silent acceptance as a mild form of promotion.
> I mean the important difference between a warning and an info is that 
> you at
> least express that something is not quite right, it may work but should be
> reviewed. Compare the following
>  [INFO] Compling 42 source files
>  [INFO] Using platform default encoding UTF-8
> with
>  [INFO] Compling 42 source files
>  [WARNING] Using platform default encoding UTF-8, build is not fully
>    reproducible, please verify its output, yadayada
> Somebody who is not aware of the encoding issue will be absolutely happy
> with the first output whereas a reader of the later output will start to
> wonder "What is this damn warning all about?". Answering his question will
> hopefully lead him to the insight that he wants to specify an encoding, to
> follow best practices.

+1 to having a warning for this, instead of just an info. As long as 
there is an easy way for users to get rid of the warning, which seems to 
be the case here.

> Last but not least, having this warning everywhere will bring me into a 
> good
> position when re-asking what the agreed encoding for the Maven sources
> themselves is ;-)
> I promise, this will be my last passionate mail about encoding. Just have
> the PMC say one word and it's going to become true.
> Benjamin
> [0]
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Dennis Lundberg

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