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From "Brian E. Fox" <>
Subject RE: Wagon changes and WebDAV
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2008 00:11:24 GMT

>The other problem with dropping it into the distribution is that when  
>we find out there is a bug in it you can't simply specify a new  
>version of the provider, you would have to go replace the provider and

>all its deps, or make your own shaded JAR which would be a pain in the


(see full thread here:

So the above captures exactly the problem we are seeing now. James has
an issue with webdav that may require a fix. This is probably an
existing issue and is not core so it shouldn't hold up the 2.0.9
release. The issue is that even if he finds and fixes it, there's no way
to upgrade the extension until we do 2.0.10. This seems like it could be
a bigger issue than what we've tried to solve, which is make
deploy:deploy-file slightly easier to use for one specific protocol.

Reading back over the thread, there seemed to be general consensus that
this isn't the direction we wanted to go with the trunk, but that 2.0.x
wasn't as much of a concern. I think it should be still a concern given
the potential to really lock people in. Furthermore this has a big
potential to cause regressions because now we just forced everyone to
upgrade their webdav even if they didn't want to...and there's nothing
they can do about it. That's not cool and I vote we take this out before
minting 2.0.9. (I'm leaving it in for RC4 to allow time for discussion
and time for more testing of the RC)


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