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From "Benjamin Bentmann" <>
Subject Re: Comments / Ideas for MNG-3244
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 19:05:33 GMT
> >Another question: How would the special don't-append-marker behave in
> >context of multiple parent POMs? I'm not fully familar with the project
> >builder but wouldn't the following sequence apply:
> >- grandfather POM defines "url/##"
> >- parent POM inherits "url/##" and fixes it to "url/"
> >- child POM inherits "url/" and fixes it to "url/artifact-id"
> >Would that be intended/intuitive?
> So normally you would get: url/parent/child. Here you should get
> /url/artifact-id because it was declared in the child. If you omitted
> the url in the child you would get /url/ (people do this because url
> contains a property already )

I couldn't follow your reasoning: How would the child know that its URL 
should be "url/" when
a) it omitted the URL in its POM for the sake of inheritance from parent
b) the URL of parent was resolved to "url/" via inheritance from grandfather

As I understand your proposal, the don't-append-marker would vanish after 
the first inheritance step, re-enabling the default behavior for all 
descendant POMs?


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