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From "Brian E. Fox" <>
Subject RE: Re: Status of maven-shade-plugin?
Date Sun, 09 Dec 2007 15:27:27 GMT
The details about which version I grabbed (and a link to that original
rev) are here:

-----Original Message-----
From: news [] On Behalf Of Mauro Talevi
Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2007 5:32 AM
Subject: Re: Status of maven-shade-plugin?

Brian E. Fox wrote:
> We had to revert back to the codehaus version to do 2.0.8 because
> something in the apache version was definitely hosed.

Brian, did you make a note of what rev of mojo src you took to start the

repackaging and move?

It would seem that shade-maven-plugin-1.0-alpha-12 was cut on Sep 1 and 
nothing's changed until rev 5633, when you applied the dependency fix 
for 1.0-alpha-13 (fix applied also to maven-shade-plugin,

On the other hand, maven-shade-plugin was imported on Sep 10, presumably

from head rev (ie 5162) and initial commit has the src tar bundle (rev 

So the options are:

1. we could go through with fine comb to track any diffs.
2. we could plough ahead and write ITs for apache plugin, in particular 
the use case of maven-2.0.x distro.

I would go for option 2, releasing alpha-14 - and only when we feel it's

  completely replace shade-maven-plugin cut beta-1.


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