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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Status of maven-shade-plugin?
Date Sat, 08 Dec 2007 02:59:18 GMT


I think I just fixed MSHADE-5 (we were not closing the jarFile when done 
reading so it probably remained locked).   I don't have a way to test it 
though.  (No windows boxes)

MSHADE-9 is definitely an issue.   I'll try and dig into that, but most 
of that seems to be done by asm.   Not sure why the mojo version is 
working.   Very strange.  Might not be very fun to track down. :-(

MSHADE-6 should be easy.

MSHADE-8, IMO, would need to go into a new goal/mojo.  In my case, my 
project has NO code or anyting in it.  (actually, no src dir at all) and 
I really don't want it creating sources, compiling thousands of files 
(that are already compiled), etc...    (I don't use the relocation stuff 
either.  A straight copy of the class files works for me.)  I suppose 
classes could be dumped straight to target/classes.   That may break the 
various IDE's (definitely eclipse) though.  Not really sure.

MSHADE-7 - if we don't do MSHADE-8, any classes pulled from 
that ends up being renamed could result in a log warning.   Would that 


On Friday 07 December 2007, Dan Fabulich wrote:
> Dan Fabulich wrote:
> > I didn't realize that shade had a JIRA project at the time, so I
> > didn't file bugs... I'll file them now.
> OK, I've filed bugs MSHADE-5 through MSHADE-9.  MSHADE-9 [failure to
> shade plexus-archiver (interfaces not properly shaded)] is the
> absolute show-stopper, though MSHADE-5 [50% of the time I run the
> shade plugin, it's unable to replace the original jar] blocks my use
> of shade also.
> IMO I don't think MSHADE-5 should be fixed directly, but instead we
> should fix MSHADE-7 [Shade should generate code, not replace the jar].
> -Dan
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