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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Article on Maven Usage
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2007 00:18:48 GMT

On 01/11/2007, at 11:07 AM, Srilakshmanan, Lakshman wrote:

> I am preparing an article for my company and I have been asked to
> provide evidence of 'large, i.e. 100 person' projects using Maven.
> I personally don't agree with their request because, Maven promotes
> component based development and therefore you cannot have  100 people
> working on a single component. In my opinion the days of Large
> Monolithic projects are dead and gone.

What tends to happen is that smaller, distinct teams each use Maven  
and interact with each other through the common repository of  
artifacts - so even though the monolithic build/dev style is gone, it  
is totally possible for hundreds (even thousands) of developers to be  
collaborating within a common infrastructure.

> Would it be possible to provide a list of, even apache foundation,
> projects with size in LOC using maven. I would try and use the size of
> the project based on LOC rather that people.

Maven itself is one of the larger ones (especially when including the  
various subproject frameworks and applications). Others that you  
might look at are Geronimo, ActiveMQ, ServiceMix, Cocoon,  
OpenJPA, ... there's plenty of examples.


Brett Porter -

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