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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Making snapshot updates a manual process?
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2007 07:45:51 GMT
in your <repository>:

   <updatePolicy>never</updatePolicy >


mvn -U ...

(no it's not interactive, that's a feature request)


On 06/08/2007, at 5:36 PM, Jason Dillon wrote:

> Any thoughts on how things might work if the snapshot update bits  
> where a manual process?  So that you have to run mvn with some flag  
> to pull in new snapshot artifacts, and perhaps another interactive  
> flag to allow only specific snapshots to be updated (with some  
> relatively smart warning/suggestion on other snaps to update when  
> one is selected)?
> I really hate when my build was working fine, I'm testing out new  
> features I've added to my project then run a build and it pulls  
> down some new snaps and then hoses my build.  This happens *way,  
> way, way* to much.
> Anyways, was just something I was pondering.  I'd really like to  
> `mvn -up` just like `svn up` to pull in new bits when I'm ready to  
> handle them.
> --jason
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