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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: how we handle JIRA versions
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2007 03:37:51 GMT

On 02/08/2007, at 1:22 PM, Jason van Zyl wrote:

> All looks good, my only comments are I think the notions in Scrum  
> like Sprints for a release are good like the idea of fixing the set  
> of issues and sticking with it for the Sprint. Sensible patterns  
> and there's already literature on that. So in any parts you're  
> talking about planning I think it might be good to defer to Scrum.

That's the intent (if it were to be summarised in a sentence), but I  
agree if anyone is looking for more detail that's the place to go.

> To sustain any sort of visibility amongst us I think it would be  
> wise for us to mandate the use of Mylyn. I don't use Eclipse but I  
> use Eclipse for Mylyn. For anyone using Eclipse it's a no brainer,  
> but I don't use Eclipse 100% of the time but I use it for Mylyn. It  
> makes being diligent about issue management a lot easier. It also  
> helps vet duplicates, and generally makes planning easier. At least  
> I've found it to be a great boon after using it for quite a while now.

I'd encourage us sharing a good Mylyn set up and putting it on the  
web site to encourage this consistency, but I think it's unreasonable  
to mandate it.

> As far as the workflow, are you actually going to try and  
> encapsulate that workflow in a JIRA workflow itself? I think that  
> might be a bit masochistic but any workflow that is not strictly  
> enforced in the tool is going to be hard to adhere to.

It'd be nice to enforce it now, but I'm not prepared for that kind of  
pain :) If someone else who's done more jira workflowy things wants  
to try their hand, please do. Otherwise, I figure if we at least have  
a stated pattern in agreement, if we see regular violations we should  
either review the rule, or enforce it at that point.


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