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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Announcing Mavenizer 1.0.0-alpha-1
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2007 05:06:22 GMT
Hi Cédric,

Looks very cool. Nice work!

I was wondering if you've seen the maven-shared-jar component? http://

This seems like something you could use (and if you have some  
additional features, as it appears you do, you might contribute them  
back). This would help use the same logic for identification across  
multiple applications - the project dependency reports, and Archiva  
for example.

While it dropped down my list recently, I'm about 2/3 done cleaning  
up or "Aardvark" code base which also uses this. It has some similar  
objectives to Mavenizer, but so far seems to have addressed the  
opposite use cases - it has a Swing UI and primarily does things like  
project.xml and build.xml conversion (though dependency selection is  
an important part of that). It might be good to keep in touch?
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On 27/07/2007, at 6:24 AM, Cédric Vidal wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> I would like to announce a new Apache licensed Maven 2 related tool  
> called
> Mavenizer:
> I've been heavily using Maven for a long time and just couldn't  
> live without
> it ;) but I often have to use third party libraries which have not  
> been
> mavenized already or simply have bad repository metadata. Either way,
> mavenizing such libraries is a real pain especially when you want  
> to get
> Maven 2 transitive dependencies right.
> Mavenizer attempts to ease the process of mavenizing such third party
> libraries by trying to do as much guess work as possible.
> A flash demo is available here, it illustrates the mavenization of
> JFreeReport 0.8.7:
> This is considered alpha software. Nothing is stable yet; the code  
> is pretty
> monolithic and not pluggable at all. I plan on rewriting the code  
> base from
> the ground up in a more pluggable way so that Mavenizer can be  
> extended with
> user custom logic, naming strategies, etc ... But I wanted to  
> release the
> codebase as is as a proof of concept and why not, it could be helpful
> already ;)
> Any feedback on the way you use it and successful mavenizations using
> Mavenizer would be really appreciated :) as well as bugs of course ^^
> Kind regards,
> Cédric Vidal
> PS: Mavenizer is not related to Maveniser (with an 's' and also on
> sourceforge), too bad the names are so close :(
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