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From Paul Gier <>
Subject Attached artifacts collection
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2007 14:14:36 GMT
Hi Everyone,

I noticed that two attached artifacts could end up with the same name if 
they have the same classifier and type.  Both of these artifacts can be 
added to the list of attached artifacts, and when deploying the project, 
both artifacts are deployed, but the second one overwrites the first.  
This doesn't seem like the best default behaviour.  Maybe a check could 
be done when attaching an artifact to see if an artifact with the same 
name already exists, and a warning could be given that there is a conflict.

It seems like ideally the collection of attached artifacts should be a 
Set instead of a List, but changing this would probably break a lot of 
existing code, so it might be something for a maven 3.0 release or 
never.  But at least the a check and a warning could be added when 
adding attached artifacts.

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