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From "Barrie Treloar" <>
Subject Re: maven-invoker/plexus-utils: Problems with Windows and "cmd.exe" always returning 0 exit code.
Date Sun, 06 May 2007 23:57:55 GMT
On 5/7/07, Dan Tran <> wrote:
> I do know that continuum does set MAVEN_TERMINATE_CMD=on internally  so that
> it can pickup the right exit code when invokes mvn.bat.
> So the client of mvn.bat thru plexus-util's cli, must do the same thing by
> injecting
> MAVEN_TERMINATE_CMD=on into Comandline
> Does CmdShell always invoke mvn.bat under windows?

No CmdShell invokes whatever the code setsup.

maven-invoker does use mvn.bat.

I experimented with CommandLineUtils to inject MAVEN_TERMINATE_CMD=on
as an environment variable as a default.  I couldn't see any use cases
where this might be an issue... but I haven't had enough time to
verify whether my hack worked.

There doesn't appear to be anyway to provide additional environment
variables during command line execution, but I haven't done alot of
investigation yet.

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