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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: snapshot dependency resolution
Date Thu, 17 May 2007 01:51:33 GMT
Hi Zak,

Your interpretation sounds correct, so I'm not sure why that happens  
incorrectly. Do you see this every time, or only in a clean repository?

The metadata file is indeed used to determine the latest - check the  
lastUpdated timestamp inside the file. The locally installed version  
is represented by maven-metadata-local.xml, while the other remote  
repositories are maven-metadata-repository_id.xml.

HTH - if it all looks correct I'd expect it's a bug for us to look at.


On 16/05/2007, at 5:55 PM, Zak Jacobson wrote:

> Hi -
> I have a question about how mvn determines when to pull a snapshot
> dependency from the local repository vs. the remote repository.  We  
> have the
> following scenario:
>  CruiseControl publishes snapshot builds on each successful build.
>  moduleA depends on moduleB and moduleC, all versions and  
> dependencies are
> SNAPSHOT versions.
> If I install moduleC and then install moduleA (different mvn  
> invocations),
> it appears that installing moduleA pulls the jar from the remote  
> snapshot
> repository instead of using the local jar that I just installed  
> even if the
> remote version is older.
> The behavior we expected to see is that moduleA is built with the  
> latest
> version of moduleB & moduleC regardless of location (local repo or  
> remote
> repo).
> Does mvn use the maven-metadata xml to determine where to get the  
> latest
> version?  How does it resolve duplicate sources?
> Hopefully that is clear enough...
> Thanks-
> Zak

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