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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: JavaOne
Date Mon, 14 May 2007 03:11:14 GMT

On 13/05/2007, at 8:05 PM, John Casey wrote:

> I'd like to see what people think about cleaning up the plugin  
> manager for
> use as a separate API.

+1 - we keep seeing the same concept popping up all over.

Not sure if it's needed for the first alpha, or even 2.1 itself though.

> 1. remove the site plugin from the maven lifecycle.

I was getting the indication that making the plugin execution  
environment independent (Something on Jason's list, I think I forgot  
it earlier) would achieve this anyway - but I may be wrong.

>  I was a little surprised to see the way report mojos are handled  
> in the
> old lifecycle executor (now the build planner stuff, though  
> reporting is a

Yep, total hack around the lack of capability in the plugin manager  
to deal with the use case.

> little broken for reports that fork their own executions).

So we have to do something then, regardless?

> 2. create compound plugins.
>  In some cases (like the assembly or release plugins), mojos get to be
> pretty complex and hard to manage. In many cases, these plugins  
> could reuse
> the behavior of other existing plugins, if those plugins were  
> designed for
> reuse. In cases where the plugins just need to replicate build-time  
> actions
> of other plugins, it may make more sense to allow them to invoke  
> those mojos
> or lifecycle phases directly. This goes beyond @execute, since  
> logic can be
> introduced in between executions, and executions could become  
> conditional.

I'm not sure getting a handle on the plugin manager is the right  
approach to this, but I'd need to look it in more detail. I'm not  
sure where the configuration / binding comes from in this instance.

- Brett

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