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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: JavaOne
Date Mon, 14 May 2007 02:30:01 GMT
Quick summary of where we got to:
- in attendance was Eirik Bjørsnøs, Edwin Punzalan, Eric Redmond,  
Carlos Sanchez, Kenney Westerhof, Andrew Williams, Jason van Zyl, and  
- basic discussion of Maven 2.1 roadmap
- we have a few wiki pages with content to bring together
- had some Indian curries and kebabs (and felt the worse for it),  
drank some beer, went out to drink some more beer and have dinner.

We discussed a couple of items:
- focus for 2.1 should be on stability, predictability and  
reproducibility. Should aim to minimise the umber of roadmap items to  
get a release out since the list of possibilities is long.
- already have lifecycle management, profile changes in place from John
- tool chain support is under way, prerequisite for moving to Java 5
- possible additions to dependency management such as a transitive  
'compile only' scope, environment configuration templates, arbitrary  
properties, activation of profiles via dependencies for dependency  
groups, and applying sets of repositories to only some dependencies
- discussed making the POM extensible, particularly in the dependency  
elements, plugin configuration.
- dependency management and OSGi
- ability to have alternate version schemes (or make ours a superset  
of those we intend to support)

Some items for the roadmap:
- add Java 5 support (possibly requiring Java 5 runtime)
- add global exclusions to dependency management
- make plugin dependency element consistent with normal dependency  
- if group is omitted from the dependency element, assume it is that  
of the current pom for brevity
- we need to make changes to the project builder so that we can read  
multiple models
- Jason is preparing a new proposal for maven-artifact which will be  
sent to the list
- reviewed what was needed integration testing wise, agreed it was as  
listed in SVN

Did I get everything?

We haven't yet split this into milestones or dates. I can start  
looking at the wiki content and bring it all back together again as I  
was already doing this for Continuum. We didn't really take a look at  
JIRA - I imagine this was up to date not that long ago and may just  
need a quick pass over.


On 10/05/2007, at 3:51 PM, Brett Porter wrote:

> How does Saturday sound for this?
> I may also have some availability tomorrow afternoon, but I might  
> not be able to get over there, so I Was thinking I could use that  
> time to try and get in sync with where everything is at so I come  
> prepared on Saturday.
> Cheers,
> Brett
> On 25/04/2007, at 1:11 PM, Andrew Williams wrote:
>> Well, I am available just about any time, so I shan't put my free  
>> times on the calendar, it will just take up space :)
>> Andy
>> On 25 Apr 2007, at 19:10, Jason van Zyl wrote:
>>> Cool,
>>> John setup a calendar and if we all put available times there  
>>> then I can propose some meeting times. With a little notice there  
>>> is no problem getting space at the Terracotta offices. They have  
>>> a big conference room with whiteboards we can use and they are  
>>> fine with giving us the room for a couple days. So we can  
>>> definitely do a BOF there and some working sessions.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Jason.
>>> On 25 Apr 07, at 12:14 PM 25 Apr 07, Carlos Sanchez wrote:
>>>> I'll be at J1 too
>>>> On 4/25/07, Jason van Zyl <> wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> We can certainly continue any discussions from ApacheCon at  
>>>>> JavaOne
>>>>> and I have chatted with the folks at Terracotta and they would be
>>>>> happy to put us up for a couple days in one of their conference  
>>>>> rooms
>>>>> where we can work and hold a BOF if we so choose. We can also  
>>>>> have a
>>>>> conference room for a 2-3 days in succession so we have a place to
>>>>> continue discussions once things get started.
>>>>> So again we might want to put up a calendar and let people slot in
>>>>> their available times and I will schedule the rooms at TC. They  
>>>>> are
>>>>> not that far from Moscone centre and we can easily get there  
>>>>> quickly
>>>>> by cab, I can probably organize some transportation as well.
>>>>> Thanks to the folks at Terracotta as it's generally hard to get
>>>>> facilities setup where people can actually work. There's room for
>>>>> 10-15 people so folks should probably sign up soon, or let me  
>>>>> know. I
>>>>> know for sure that myself, Eric Redmond, Kenney Westerhof, Andy
>>>>> Williams, John Casey, and Brett Porter will be present. If we  
>>>>> select
>>>>> a date for a BOF then I can definitely schedule that. It would  
>>>>> be a
>>>>> great opportunity for any users in the area to come out as it will
>>>>> probably be the  highest concentration of core committers on  
>>>>> record! :-)
>>>>> Just ping me if you're interested in attending something so I can
>>>>> make arrangements with Steve Harris at Terracotta.
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Jason.
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