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From Brett Porter <>
Subject [proposal] Donation of Aardvark to Maven
Date Mon, 21 May 2007 07:15:47 GMT
Hi all,

DevZuz have developed some tools for build conversion as part of the  
Maestro project and for internal use. If it is desired, we would now  
like to donate that to the Maven project for others to enhance and re- 
use. It would find a place both as an independent toolkit, and as an  
Archiva integration.

Aardvark is a toolkit and user interface for converting Ant and Maven  
1.x projects to Maven 2.x. It is by no means a complete solution, but  
it aims to drastically simplify the most tedious parts of the process.

Aardvark is composed of the following pieces:
- tools to identify anonymous JARs (by md5, internal pom, or other  
- ability to install (and potentially deploy) a set of jars in the  
local repository with basic poms and dependencies
- tools to convert a maven 1.x project into a maven 2.x project
- a user interface

I was planning to do a software grant and commit the work into the  
Maven sandbox.

I'm looking for others that are interested in working with or using  
this - thoughts?


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