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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Update JavaMojoDescriptorExtractor to make it more re-use friendly
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2007 20:11:17 GMT
Hi folks, I've been looking into getting Mojo descriptor generation  
working for the groovy-maven-plugin for the past few days... and I've  
finally got something that is working well.

I went through a few iterations, and finally came to the conclusion  
that it would be simplest to parse the *.groovy sources, collect the  
javadoc blocks, generate a uber-minimal Java source, parse that  
source with QDox and then delegate the rest of the work to the  

By doing this, it means that the Groovy descriptor tag handling is in  
sync with the Java descriptor bits.

BUT... to make this work, JavaMojoDescriptorExtractor needs a few  
minor changes, mostly to change a few access modifiers from private  
to protected... and also to replace the JavaSource usage with  
JavaClass.  The later is minor, but the extractor isn't really using  
the JavaSource, it always gets the JavaClass, but it still passes  
around the JavaSource for no good reason.

Anyways, I'm wondering if this is something that we could change?   
Right now I've duplicated the JavaMojoDescriptorExtractor into my  
mojo's project and made the modifications so that I can test/ 
verify... but I'd really like to get these changes committed to the  
maven-plugin-tools-java module directly.  The changes are of course  
compatible with the current usage.

Which JIRA project should I create an issue for this and attach my  



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