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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Doxia and Site Plugin
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 00:37:15 GMT

On 02/04/2007, at 11:12 PM, Jason van Zyl wrote:

> On 1 Apr 07, at 8:05 PM 1 Apr 07, Brett Porter wrote:
>> What was the final verdict on the velocity processing?
> Optional.

Is this documented on the plugin site somewhere? I wasn't able to  
find it.

>> I can see this doesn't break a lot now because it's only  
>> properties, but I know the next thing someone is going to ask for  
>> is to filter ${project.*} which will break a bunch of docs. I'd  
>> still prefer the user make a conscious decision to have a document  
>> filtered (all they need to do is whack a .vm extension on the  
>> document). I also note the current site has an ugly exception  
>> during generation due to this, though it does handle the outcome  
>> correctly.
>> Will the site plugin be another beta release? Looking at the  
>> current JIRA, I think the 2.0 still represents a beta-quality  
>> release, where 2.0.1 looks more like 2.0.
> Probably should be alpha, another thing that jumped the gun but  
> another beta for sure.

Cool. I'll rename in JIRA.

> Sure, if you haven't I can pop those in there and I will work on  
> what I can. But I want to get the base doxia stuff out and people  
> are clamoring for the site plugin so getting what's out now is more  
> important but the time is consumed in running in all the older  
> containers to make sure things still work. Which is how I found the  
> container/api JAR problem.

Ok, will do.

- Brett

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