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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: Doxia and Site Plugin
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2007 13:12:42 GMT

On 1 Apr 07, at 8:05 PM 1 Apr 07, Brett Porter wrote:

> What was the final verdict on the velocity processing?


> I can see this doesn't break a lot now because it's only  
> properties, but I know the next thing someone is going to ask for  
> is to filter ${project.*} which will break a bunch of docs. I'd  
> still prefer the user make a conscious decision to have a document  
> filtered (all they need to do is whack a .vm extension on the  
> document). I also note the current site has an ugly exception  
> during generation due to this, though it does handle the outcome  
> correctly.
> Will the site plugin be another beta release? Looking at the  
> current JIRA, I think the 2.0 still represents a beta-quality  
> release, where 2.0.1 looks more like 2.0.

Probably should be alpha, another thing that jumped the gun but  
another beta for sure.

> Thinking ahead a little to that 2.0, I think there are a few more  
> things to consider.
> Firstly, I think we need a 1.0 of doxia and sitetools first  
> (MSITE-101).

Yes, I was planning on releasing the dependencies of the site plugin  

> The doxia svn arrangement is still not resolved IMO. I originally  
> thought you were going to put them under one trunk, not separate  
> ones. I don't mind them separate, as long as we are agreeing to  
> release them on different timescales, but if we are just going to  
> release them with the same version tracking each other every time  
> then I think it's pointless. If they are going to be released  
> separately, then the site tools need a new JIRA project. So one way  
> or the other something needs to be completed here.

They will definitely be released separately. Doxia with all the site  
stuff out of it can be released pretty much now.

> The following issues unscheduled seem important for a 1.0 doxia /  
> 2.0 site plugin (just by glancing at subjects):
> - DOXIA-92
> - DOXIA-82
> - DOXIA-91
> - DOXIA-95
> In addition to those currently scheduled for 2.0.1, I'd also add  
> (again, just by glancing at subjects):
> - MSITE-218
> - MSITE-130
> - MSITE-141
> - MSITE-47 / general improvement of error handling in doxia
> - MSITE-135
> - MSITE-163
> - MSITE-170 (can probably be fixed by a velocity update to 1.5)
> - MSITE-194
> - MSITE-177
> - MSITE-179
> Should I update these issue's fix for version?

Sure, if you haven't I can pop those in there and I will work on what  
I can. But I want to get the base doxia stuff out and people are  
clamoring for the site plugin so getting what's out now is more  
important but the time is consumed in running in all the older  
containers to make sure things still work. Which is how I found the  
container/api JAR problem.


> - Brett
> On 02/04/2007, at 4:48 AM, Jason van Zyl wrote:
>> Hi,
>> As promised I'll get these out for  release this week. I did find  
>> a problem with new container components (doxia, i18n) running in  
>> the older container so I have to fix that first later today and  
>> then I will do the Doxia release process and then the site plugin  
>> process. I know there are a couple issues left to fix with the  
>> site plugin and I'll get those fixed.
>> Jason.
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