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From "Jerome Lacoste" <>
Subject Re: maven-enforcer-plugin
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 23:04:42 GMT
On 4/3/07, Brian E. Fox <> wrote:
> > The Require OS Version rules docs is using <goal>os</goal> instead of
> ><goal>require</goal> (or <goal>require-once</goal>).
> Good catch. I'll make that change.
> > Is it close to time for a release of 1.0-alpha-1 of this puppy yet?
> Getting there. I want to explore Jerome's comments about reports and a
> vistor pattern. I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about it, but I'm
> not sure how a visitor would help here. We really are only interested in
> the message coming back. A report mojo could catch all the rule results
> and report them. Comments? What am I missing?

Don't block the release of alpha-1 for that.

I wanted to have a report that says: this project requires maven 2.0.6
and SDK 1.5 without having to look at the pom.

Why a Visitor? Because you can specify your rule implementation, and
that might represent a complex rule, so I thought that only the rule
would be able to know about its configuration and the meaning of the
values. I don't like the idea in particular but that was the first one
that came to my head.

Another idea is to just publish the XML fragment for the plugin
configuration with each node linked to the rule APIs for further
documentation. That should be sufficient and simpler...



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