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From "Jerome Lacoste" <>
Subject Re: maven-enforcer-plugin
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 04:33:08 GMT
On 4/3/07, Brian E. Fox <> wrote:
> Ok, a little more refactoring. The Custom rules can now get to the
> ExpressionEvaluator so they can get pretty much anything a plugin could
> get. The sites are updated to contain info about the standard rules and
> the custom rule creation:
> I'll let this linger for a day or so and then call a vote if nothing
> turns up.

- typo in the usage.html

</requireMavenVesion>  -> </requireMavenVersion>

- would there be a way to make sure the enforcer runs for every maven
invocation, not just in the default lifecycle ? E.g. mvn site doesn't
trigger the check.

- finally do we want to provide a report?
-- if so, we perhaps need to add a mechanism to allow the rule
information to be displayed (visitor pattern for the rule? description
in a particular place ? Auto-generated information ?)
-- would there be a way to make this report part of the project
information (not a 'usual' report)?


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