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From "Brian E. Fox" <>
Subject RE: [Vote] Move plugin site.xml up to Maven or Shared
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2007 13:03:25 GMT

> I will make the changes and stage the main site before pushing it out.
> What are we doing with the links that are present on plugins but  
> not on
> the main site? It seems to me that they should be the same in both
> locations (either with or without).

>I think it makes sense for them to be the same. What's the delta?

The plugins (not the plugins list page, but the plugins themselves) page
has all the maven tech on the right (Maven 1.x |Maven 2.x | Maven 2.x
Plugins | Continuum | SCM | Wagon | JXR | Doxia). It does not have the
"cookies" or "track marks" in the top left. They have the Last Published
on the left.

The main maven pages do not list and of the maven tech stuff. The
Published date is on the right instead. On the left are the track marks
"Apache > Maven"

It would make the most sense to me is to have track marks on all pages
in the top left followed by the publish date. Then have the maven-tech
on the top right. This presents a consistent navigation experience
throughout the entire site.

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