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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject OMG... mvn -X spits out soooooo much junk
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 03:49:13 GMT
I think its time for a --debug and --trace option to mvn... as mvn -X  
by itself spits out sooo much output that it is almost unusable.   
Certainly to get more information out of plugins that are executing  
its provides *way, way* to much information.

For example, running `mvn -X -N` from the geronimo/server/trunk  
build, its spits out ~2500 lines.

I'd really like to see the logging output in Maven have some finer  
controls.  *most* of the time I just want debugging information from  
my plugins, including a brief overview of the artifact they came  
from, the arguments to the mojo and then the mojos log.debug() output.

I don't care much the full tree of maven artifacts and all that other  
muck for most times I want to see debug information.

I really think that mvn should have better cli configuration of the  
debug and warning levels which are enabled.

Very simlar to how CC has the -W flag to enable sets of warnings, I  
think that mvn needs a flag to enable sets of warning and debug  

For example, this might show all the gory detail about artifacts:

     mvn --debug=artifacts

Where this would only show the plugin invokation details:

     mvn --debug=plugin

And default to the minimal:

     mvn --debug

^^^ is the same as mvn --debug=plugin

  * * *

For those interested, the full ~2500 lines of mvn -X -N for sever/ 
trunk are here:

This is a big project... but I don't really need all of that output  
when I'm trying to debug plugin executions.  Today I just wanted to  
make sure that the maven-enforcer-plugin was still working after the  
snapshot, since it now logs details to DEBUG instead of INFO.  And I  
was appalled when I ran `mvn -X -N` from the top-level and go so much  

I really would like to see this fixed... it would really help people  
to debug mvn issues.  Sure there are times when you need the full  
output, maybe from `mvn --debug=all` but 90% of the time all that  
extra information just makes it hard to find the information you do  
care about.

Please can we address this problem?


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