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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Creating a schedule for releases
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2007 13:37:30 GMT

Taking the lead from the Mylar development team, whom I have a great  
deal of respect for, I would like to create a shared Google calendar  
where we can put some releases on schedules. I know at least for  
Maven itself, Doxia, Wagon and some plugins I'm working on I have a  
clear idea of when they will be released. But what the Mylar team  
does is work under the general Europa guidelines and they try and do  
releases every 6 weeks. So I'm not sure how the everything will be  
ultimately schedule but I would like to make a start at trying to  
provide some transparency as the Mylar team does.

So the though was that we would have a calendar on Google where  
everyone on the PMC has access to the schedule (as it's a PMC person  
who has to do a release) and I'll start the by putting in the Maven  
releases. I planned 4 weeks between the last releases and it ended up  
being 6 so I'll shoot for that again, but even if we're off a bit it  
keeps the users informed and they will have a single place to look  
for planned releases dates.

I would like to set this up asap.



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