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From Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
Subject Re: Remove auto-resolution of plugin versions from Maven 2.1
Date Sat, 21 Apr 2007 18:32:07 GMT

Wayne Fay wrote:
> I wish I knew how to properly handle the issue of what I will call
> laziness wrt reading and using documentation on the part of users. It
> might be helpful to add a lot more things to the FAQ (including
> comments about web proxies with a link to the "configuring proxy" page
> and comments about javax.* files with a link to the "how to deal with
> sun jars" page).

Well, having the documentation not reflecting the released plugins but
SNAPSHOTs is not helpful to any user. And having a documentation that does
not indicate which feature of a plugin was added on which version is also a
major fault.

Really, when I look at the plugins that mvn have downloaded automagically
for our builds and you see alpha and beta releases and so on. And then you
go and look at the official documentation on the maven site and it refers to
the features of an SNAPSHOT version that has never been released. Well, you
can hardly put the blame on the users for being lazy readers.

As per the topic at hand, it makes absolute sense to have some sort of
certification process where the maven project gives some guarantees that the
plugins in a certified bundle work correctly together and that they have
been released following high standards. This to me is a basic requirement of
best practice.

Maven should support a way to specify bundles of plugins that fulfill a
certain quality level as expected for a particular project. You could
provide a mechanism where users can specify in the POM the level of quality
of the plugins and maven will only download plugins from bundles of the
appropriate certification group.

So if I say <quality>BETA</quality> then no alpha bundle (a bundle
containing alpha software) will be selected.
Of course, one should be able to specify the specific bundle version one
wants to use. 

You can see that something like this would allow users to cater to their
needs, if you want to use bleading adge software you can, but if you want to
use only released versions, like in a corporate environment, then you can do
that too.

So there you are some food for thought from a concern user...

Jose Alberto
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