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From Rafael Schloming <>
Subject Re: Maven and Fedora
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 15:19:28 GMT

Jason van Zyl wrote:
> On 6 Dec 06, at 3:02 PM 6 Dec 06, Carl Trieloff wrote:
>> John Casey wrote:
>>> Let's start with: What are the requirements?
>>> Regards,
>>> John
>> yes that is good - I would not see the patches set as something to 
>> commit as is but a prototype to see if it could
>> be done. we now think it can - and would do it in a way that works for 
>> maven.
>> The key parts are:
>> -  boot strap via build from source
> Not by default, this is Java and we are happy to use binary JARs. If you 
> want to attempt to do this knock yourself. I don't see any benefit in 
> complicating our bootstrap to accommodate this.
>> -  OS boot strap-able, with no network, this is more than just mvn -o
>> -  meet fedora package guidelines
>> Can break those our one by one, unless Deepak or Rafi fill them first.
> I just don't see the value in this for Maven users. Carl what value do 
> you see as a real benefit to Maven users who work on Redhat?

There are three distinct use cases for maven playing nice with distros.

1. For a standard distro install without devel tools there may be 
packages that maven creates in distro format (RPM, dep, etc). Note that 
the maven RPM would not be used by end users at all in this scenario.

2. For a development distro install, i.e. installing devel packages 
there's a use case for maven packaged in distro format since distro 
users like to have the same install experience for all their software, 
i.e. they'd rather do "yum install maven" than download and install 

3. For scenario (1) and (2) distro builders need to be able to get maven 
in distro format so that they can bootstrap their distro.

Strictly speaking if you don't want to allow (2) in order to control the 
maven experience for end users we could package a special form of maven 
that is only available to distro builders to satisfy scenario (1). I 
think this will actually end up creating *more* flavors of maven than if 
we work together to make maven play nice with distros in general. In the 
latter case you can shape what an OS level maven install looks like. If 
you refuse to work with distros then they will inevitably be forced to 
figure out on their own how to get maven to build packages for them.


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