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From "Swenson, Eric" <>
Subject maven-assembly-plugin troubles
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2006 21:12:07 GMT
[I posted this on the Maven Users List, but got no answer so thought I'd
try here. - Hope that's ok.]


I'm trying to assemble an image consisting of the artifacts created by

a maven2 project.  The artifacts (all installed and in the repository)

are of three forms:


  - jar files

  - wsr files

  - war files


I'm trying to author a pom and assembly descriptor file that will

allow me to state the dependencies in the pom file (of all three

types) and have the assembly descriptor put these dependent files in

the "right" places in my image.  In particular, the "wsr" files and

"war" files go in one place, while the "jar" files go in another.

While I am not having a problem specifying the dependencies in my pom

file, since I can specify the <type> element to request a "wsr" file

as opposed to a "jar" file, I'm not able to, in my assembly

descriptor, cause the filters to work properly.


I have something like this:























What I'm expecting to have happen is all the dependencies that DON'T

match the pattern in the moduleSet will get places into

image/server/default/lib.  But those that do match the moduleSet

filter will get placed in image/server/default/deploy.


The problem is that all dependencies end up in

image/server/default/lib and nothing ends up in

image/server/default/deploy and I always get a warning message during

my the assembly phase to wit:


[INFO] Processing DependencySet

[WARNING] The following patterns were never triggered in this artifact
inclusion filter:

o  'com.acme:wsr-artifact1'


[WARNING] NOTE: Currently, inclusion of module dependencies may

produce unpredictable results if a version conflict occurs.  



What am I doing wrong?  Is it possible to grab non-jar dependencies

and distribute them in different directories as I'm trying to do?


Note: I've also tried putting a <includes/include> in the dependencySet
with no improvement.  


Thanks. -- Eric



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