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From "Carlos Sanchez" <>
Subject Re: please sync m1 and m2 repos for Xerces 2.8.1
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2006 21:39:41 GMT
sorry, I forgot, if you build with ant you deploy to the m1 repo. The
m2 is only for m2 builds because it's more accurate and has some

Files deployed to any of the repos will be available to both m1 and m2
users, so just deploy to one of them.

On 10/6/06, Jörg Schaible <> wrote:
> Nathan Beyer wrote:
> > Xerces doesn't build with either Maven 1 or Maven 2; everything is
> > built with a custom Ant script. I created a custom POM and deployed
> > using deploy:deploy-file for the binary and source JAR to m2 and then
> > to m1 by setting the repo type to legacy.
> >
> > I essentially duplicated what exists for Xerces 2.8.0 (it's in both
> > repos). I just updated the POM to reference the latest parent and
> > added some more reference information. Consumers requested these
> > deployments for m2 and I assume some people would want the m1 repo as
> > well.
> >
> > What's the prescribed thing to do? The documentation isn't great and
> > what exists seems to conflict and when I posted a question on this
> > list earlier responses weren't necessarily conflicting, but they
> > differed.
> I've meanwhile learned from Brett , that if you deploy to the M2 repo, this
> is automatically also available for M1.
> But I have also the problem, if you have stuffed the same artifact into the
> M1 & M2 repo and they were synched ... what should I do to resolve this?
> Remove the artifact from the M1 repo and request again for a sync?
> - Jörg
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