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Subject [jira] Subscription: Outstanding Repository Maintenance: Evangelism
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 02:02:52 GMT
Issue Subscription
Filter: Outstanding Repository Maintenance: Evangelism (31 issues)
Subscriber: mavendevlist

Key         Summary
MEV-443     Several projects have maven-metadata.xml files that are missing released versions
MEV-451     pom for xmlbeans:xbean:2.2
MEV-450     plexus-velocity 1.1.2 includes invalid external snapshot repositories
MEV-449     lucene 1.9.1 JAR is hosed.
MEV-448     xmlrpc POM should include commons-codec
MEV-392     bad dependencies in commons-logging-1.1.pom
MEV-441     Several projects have bad maven-metadata.xml files that are screwing up dependencies
with version range feature
MEV-20      clean up bad IDs in the repository
MEV-436     JOTM 2.0.10 incorrectly specifies javax.resource/connector-1.0 it needs connector-1.5.
MEV-427     relocate ehcache:ehcache to net.sf.ehcache
MEV-296     Activemq-core (and other activemq projects) 3.2.1 have unexpanded variables
MEV-405     pom for cactus:cactus:13-1.7.2
MEV-404     pom for cactus:cactus-ant:13-1.7.2
MEV-401     Incoherences / duplication between javax.xml and com.sun.xml
MEV-334     Stax POM points to an invalid XMLBeans dependency
MEV-384     velocity 1.4 dependencies are wrong
MEV-375     Relocate xpp to xpp3
MEV-364     Fix dependencies of common-lang 1.0 (add test scope for junit)
MEV-352     Relocate cvslib in netbeans groupId to cvsclient in org.netbeans.lib
MEV-356     Missing dep on jboss-common in jbossmq-client & jnp-client 4.0.2
MEV-351     xmlc-xerces- is unnecessary and  xmlc-apis.jar is required.
MEV-330     WebWork 2.2.1 POM should list FreeMarker as a dependency since it's required for
plain ol' JSPs
MEV-325     Description of jaxb-api 1.0.1 is wrong
MEV-320     Hibernate 3.1.x POMs pull in Sun jars
MEV-201     should have dependency on org.relaxngdatatype.relaxngDatatype
MEV-173     xmlpull JARs exist in two different places on ibiblio
MEV-48      openejb poms
MEV-45      Full list of poms that doesn't respect the m2 format
MEV-36      Exo POM(s) missing dependency versions
MEV-33      XOM POM references xercesImpl v.2.2.1 which does not exist in repo
MEV-31      XOM POM references xmlParserAPIs v2.6.1 which is not in the repo

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