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From "Milos Kleint" <>
Subject Re: [discuss] Java 5
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 06:51:47 GMT
On 7/7/06, Brett Porter <> wrote:
> Thanks, I thought NB had already changed to that requirement (Eclipse
> and IDEA have some time ago).

it did update, however right at the beginning of the next release
cycle (6.0) which is a month or two back. Nb has the policy of
supporting 2 stable version of the JDK. it gives people time to
migrate and for example macosx didn't have a 1.5 jdk for some time.
AFAIK idea ships with a jre, so they don't have to consider this much.
nb 5.0 is out for some time already. (that's what I base the netbeans
support on) and 5.5 will be out  soon. but unfortunately I'm not sure
when 6.0 is to due to be released.

> Do you have any indication of how many NB users stick to old versions?

a minority indeed.

>I get the feeling they upgrade pretty fast. I'd also be interested to see
> how many NB users still use JDK 1.4 to run the IDE. I ask this as it
> might mean a change by the end of the year vs end of next year :)

I think I can forbid installing the netbeans modules when running on
1.4. My concern was how the 1.4-compiled netbeans binaries will play
with the 1.5-compiled binaries of mevenide. (or if I compile mevenide
with 1.4, how wil it play with 1.5-compiled maven embedder.) Anyone
has experience with such a setup?


> So, this is a strong factor to consider in changing for Maven (though
> doesn't hinder Continuum and MRM).
> Cheers,
> Brett
> On 7/07/2006 3:50 PM, Milos Kleint wrote:
> > -1
> >
> > for netbeans integration that would probably mean dropping 5.0 and
> > upcoming 5.5 support, as only the cvs trunk of netbeans switched to
> > jdk15. we could maybe try to make sure people start the IDE with 1.5.
> > I have no experience with such setup though, would it work?
> >
> > Milos
> >
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