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From "Mark Hobson" <>
Subject Common API for issue tracking systems
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2006 16:07:47 GMT
Hi there,

I was wondering whether any thought had been given to an abstract
issue tracking API with implementations for Bugzilla, JIRA, etc.?  I
can see a couple of uses within maven:

* Querying the issues fixed when releasing a new version of a project,
to be used within the maven-changes-plugin

* Creating a new version of a product in the underlying issue tracking
system when releasing a new version of a project

I couldn't see this abstraction in the maven-changes-plugin, but
correct me if I'm wrong.

I've recently written some code to programmatically manipulate
Bugzilla, and thought this could be expanded into a general-purpose
abstract API for manipulating issue tracking systems.  Rather like
Wagon is to transports and SCM is to SCMs.

It'd be good to see Bugzilla support within maven and I'd be
interested in people's thoughts.



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