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From "jerome lacoste" <>
Subject Re: cyclic dependency in maven-plugins ??
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 07:54:04 GMT
On 7/7/06, Brett Porter <> wrote:
> I think we need a specific (past) version of the plugins in use in the
> parent (it used to work with the plugin-plugin, so this must be possible).

I've tried without success. I wonder if the fact that the
ProjectSorter doesn't care about versions is the reason.

Furthermore, the problem should be non-existant as the reports are
supposed to be used after the artifacts have been built, so this
dependency check seems bogus to me.

But I guess I am the only one using maven 2.0.4 to build the current
plugin trunk, right ?

Commenting out the whole reporting section under the root pom doesn't
even solve it for me as some plugins depend on version 1 of the root
pom and thus the change doesn't propagate to all sub-modules...

> I think we should omit the changelog plugin from the proposed doc
> standard and the pom for now.

Yep. The docck plugin is also referenced in the CI profile...



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