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From Trygve Laugstøl <>
Subject Re: [discuss] Java 5
Date Sun, 09 Jul 2006 10:11:05 GMT
Dennis Lundberg wrote:
> Trygve Laugstøl wrote:
>> Brett Porter wrote:
>>> I believe qdox has been fixed and we just need an upgrade, but I'm 
>>> not sure. AFAIK it doesn't work with the current version.
>> It does not work in current version of the java plugin tool since qdox 
>> 1.5 doesn't support generics.
>> I tried to upgrade to qdox 1.6-SNAPSHOT and it works for some stuff. 
>> It does not support enumerations which I tried to add to the grammar 
>> file with some success.
>> Does anyone know if there is anyone maintaining the qdox project that 
>> we can contact?
> I tried to get on the qdox dev-list a couple of weeks ago, but the 
> subscribe mail came back:
>   "<>:
>    Sorry, I couldn't find any host by that name."
> This could have something to do with the crash at codehaus earlier. Or 
> it might just be that the info on the site is outdated. It was last 
> published on 02 November 2004.

That way of subscribing is now back online (but is was not possible a 
while after the crash). You can also try subscribing through the xircles 
interface [1].

> It does seems that development has halted by looking at the mailing list 
> archive. The archive can be found here, by the way:
> I found this question on the dev list at
>   > Is anyone currently developing QDox?
>   Short answer: no.
>   Long answer: All the previous maintainers (including myself) seem to
>   have other/higher priorities these days.  For my own part, I haven't
>   actually USED QDox for a couple of years now, so my incentive to spend
>   time on it has disappeared.
>   What we really need is a sufficiently motivated user (or two) to step
>   up to the plate and get things moving again.
> There are currently 5 open issues for 1.6 and it has been like that for 
> a while. I thought that I might try to convince them to release the 
> current trunk as 1.6 so that projects, that can not use snapshots in 
> releases, could start using it. The current trunk has some, but not all, 
> Java 5 features implemented.

Let's ask them and see if they will let us on as committers. If we can't 
find a similar project that does the same thing we can always fork it.



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