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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Common API for issue tracking systems
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2006 13:20:48 GMT
Jochen Wiedmann wrote:
> On 7/4/06, Steve Loughran <> wrote:
>> That'll be the ant-that-has-to-support-java-1.2 on
>> everything-and-build-with-no-dependencies, won't it?
> Be that as it may, but personally I prefer this over the
> maven-which-needs-thousands-of-jars-from-codehaus-for-whatever
> approach... :-)

The problem with Ant's approach is that there is some very useful stuff 
there; <exec> is how java's process stuff should work, <java> is almost 
a substitute for the JRE not implementing fork() (presumably as they 
couldnt find it in the win32 API), and yet reuse of that stuff is mostly 
denied to everyone unless they include ant.jar, create their own project 
and execute a Task in the project instance just created. So while the 
tight coupling is good for ant, it stops people downstream from using it 
self contained. You see this with things like cargo, tomcat, weblogic 
all having to include an ant jar just to exec stuff. The convenience of 
absolute integration and zero dependencies is achieved at the expense of 


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